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Deburr Edges of Flat Surfaces, Through Holes, Blind Holes, Intersecting Holes, Inside 


Burlytic Systems
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50 Pratt’s Junction Road
Sterling, MA 01564
(P): 508-887-1944


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Welcome to Burlytic® Systems

a TP Manufacturing Company



Burlytic® Systems is an efficient, flexible and highly repeatable deburring process that produces high quality parts at significant cost savings. The results of this process speak for themselves:


before deburring
after deburring


At TP Manufacturing, we recognize that the process of burr removal is usually the last thing a manufacturer wants to worry about when designing a new part with close tolerances and high production rates. In many instances we realize the entire subject is typically ignored. However, for those applications where burr removal is a critical element to the proper function of an intricate, delicate or closely-toleranced part, burr removal planning simply cannot be ignored.


That’s where we can help with our proprietary Burlytic® Systems Deburring Process.


Burlytic® Systems Deburring Process


In short, our Burlytic® System deburring process uses a proprietary, non-aqueous electrolyte solution and a computer controlled energy source to achieve a new level of performance in electro-chemical deburring.


The Burlytic® process is highly discriminating in that it is inherently edge-seeking. Not only are burrs quickly removed from edges, but surfaces often result in an improved finish.


The process is especially suitable for parts that:


  • Are delicate
  • Have close tolerances
  • Have intricate details such as deep and narrow intersecting holes
  • Require consistent, repeatable deburring
  • Require selective deburring
  • Need a polished finish
  • Can’t be deburred by hand or other conventional methods


A positive side-effect of the Burlytic® process is its ability to passivate stainless steels and many other alloys. It is both workplace friendly and easy to use.


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